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Jordan Rakei Late Night Tales

Unmixed Green Vinyl Version
Numbered Edition of 3000
Pressed on double 180 gram virgin vinyl. Includes 30cm art print. Including download codes for the Jordan Rakei mix and full unmixed tracks as MP3 / FLAC / WAV.

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Late Night Tales - ALNLP61X

Vinyl, 2LP, Compilation


2021 / Special Green Vinyl Version / Numbered Edition of 3000


New, Sealed

“I wanted to try and showcase as many people as I knew on this mix. My idea of Late Night Tales was to distil a series of relaxing moments; the whole conceptual sonic of relaxation. So, I was trying to think of all the collaborators and friends that I knew, who’d recorded stuff with this horizontal vibe. Plus, I was also trying to help my friends' stuff get into the world. I know the story of Khruangbin blowing up after appearing on the series (in fact, I think that's how I discovered them). So, the main idea was to create a certain atmosphere, but also to help some of my favourite collaborators and buddies to give their songs a little push out into the world. Hope you like it.” - Jordan Rakei

Due for release on 9th April, Late Night Tales celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Jordan Rakei’s majestic compilation. The 28-year-old modern soul icon effortlessly stamps his own jazz and hip-hop driven sound all over this gorgeous array of handpicked tracks. A beautifully layered blend that is mirrored in the music he’s made, it comes as no surprise that such a supremely gifted songwriter should deliver a mix that is all about the song.

Rakei, born in New Zealand, but raised in Australia, moved to the UK in 2015; he released his debut album, Cloak, with Oz label Soul Has No Tempo, but his two subsequent LPs, Wallflower and Origin, came out on Ninja Tune, the former #2 in Album Of The Year for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide poll, while Origin was nominated for Best Album at the AIM Awards. Jordan had this to say on his upcoming mix:

As Jordan says, there’s so much more to the song selection on Late Night Tales’ latest outing than a random collection of artists. Many have some sort of personal connection, so just as Bonobo provided a platform for the breakout of Khruangbin on a previous LNT, this may have the same effect for Rakei’s friends. After a soothing opener from Fink, good friend and big influence Alfa Mist (part of the Are We Live collective) delivers ‘Mulago.’ “I want to champion their sound and show the world how good he is, and I thought it’d be fitting to start the mix with family,” says Jordan.

Next up is Charlotte Day Wilson with ‘Mountains,’ followed by ‘Count A Heart’ from Moreton, an exclusive collaboration with Jordan, who grew up on the same street in Brisbane, Australia. “She was the first artist I ever collaborated with, and one of the first artists to be involved in my career,” he explains. Elsewhere we hear Scottish producer and multi-instrumentalist C Duncan’s haunting ‘He Came from the Sun,’ Barcelona collective Oso Leone deliver a dreamy ‘Virtual U’ and Bill Lauren’s ‘Singularity,’ which evokes a striking sense of time and place.

Snowpoet’s ethereal ‘Evitenity’ is a “long mediative narrative over a beautiful soundscape,” which at times seems chaotic, nicely juxtaposed with undeniable beauty, and Maro’s kooky songwriting shines on ‘Always And Forever.’ Long-time buddy Armon-Jones contributes ‘Idiom,’ and Jordan’s exclusive cover version is a two-for-one, Radiohead’s ‘Codex’ merging with ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Home’ by Jeff Buckley and another exclusive, original composition by Jordan, ‘Imagination.’ The latter works as a piece with the spoken (Spanish) word voiced by movie director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel, Birdman, and The Revenant,) who is a big fan of Jordan’s. “He messaged me when I went to L.A and asked to come to my show. I was in such shock and we hung out after. I thought it would be nice to get him to do this in his native tongue, because I don’t think that’s been done yet on the series.” It certainly is a family affair. Not the blood is thicker than water kind, but certainly musical kindred spirits.

- LateNightTales will be alerting 80k Facebook followers 52k Soundcloud subscribers, 12.8k Twitter, 70k YouTube and 23k Instagram followers. Email targeting to 60k+ website subscribers.
- Jordan Rakei will be releasing updates to 56k+ Facebook followers, 97k Instagram followers, 69k Soundcloud and 40k+ YouTube followers.
- Jordan has 230k Spotify followers and 1.75 million monthly listeners
- With a targeted marketing plan and strategy, there will be billboard campaigns, magazine adverts, online advertising, radio plugging, and social media engagement.

UK press, online and radio by 9PR
USA will be covered by Pitch Perfect
USA radio will be handled by Co-sign

A1. Fink - Covering Your Tracks 5:32
A2. Alfa Mist - Mulago 4:07
A3. Charlotte Day Wilson - Mountains 4:08
A4. Moreton feat Jordan Rakei - Count A Heart 3:35 (Exclusive track)
B5. Puma Blue - Untitled 2 3:30
B6. Connan Mockasin - Momo's 3:38
B7. C Duncan - He Came From The Sun 3:56
B8. Oso Leone - Virtual U 5:04
B9. Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin - Idiom feat. Oscar Jerome 4:36
C10. Snowpoet - Eviternity 7:04
C11. MARO - Forever & Always 2:52
C12. Homay Schmitz - Speak Up 4:58
C13. Bill Laurance - Singularity 7:22
D14. Jordan Rakei - Lover, You Should've Come Over (Cover) 3:00 (Exclusive Jeff Buckley cover version)
D15. Cubicolor - Counterpart 5:14
D16. Jordan Rakei - Imagination 5:50 (Exclusive new track)
D17. Alejandro González Iñárritu - Imagination 4:09 (Exclusive spoken word piece)

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Late Night Tales

Late Night Tales

Unmixed Green Vinyl Version
Numbered Edition of 3000
Pressed on double 180 gram virgin vinyl. Includes 30cm art print. Including download codes for the Jordan Rakei mix and full unmixed tracks as MP3 / FLAC / WAV.

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